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Founded by the trio of Troy Brown, James Egan and Jodi Egan, Core Off-Road is revolutionising the 4WD industry by developing custom canopies, camper trailers and 4WD equipment that help adventurers get more out of their equipment while exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.

The idea began in late 2018 by Core Contracting Services owners James (Jimmy) and Troy, along with their management team to pursue their passion for the 4WD and Camping industry.

The entire team share a love of the outdoors and camping lifestyle and spend every spare moment exploring all parts of Australia while pushing their vehicles and gear to the extreme.

The team have owned, tested (and broken) countless variations of camper trailers, rooftop tents, canopies and caravans and have never been 100% satisfied with some of the finishing touches, strength and functionality of many of the products.

Inspired to take the best bits of existing equipment and improve on them to make adventuring safer, easier and even more fun, the team began exploring avenues for developing and building their own designs.

Designs that would incorporate their favourite portions of equipment already on the market, along with a vast array of new and innovative ideas.