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Welcome to GH Singing Studio, where the journey to musical mastery begins under the expert guidance of Gordon Harris, our esteemed Principal Singing Teacher. With unwavering passion and over 50 years of music teaching experience, Gordon is a firm believer that everyone possesses the innate ability to sing and play a musical instrument, irrespective of their current skill level.

Gordon holds a Masters’ Degree in Music with extensive studies in Vocal Pedagogy, the science and art of voice teaching. His illustrious career includes 14 years of singing with Opera Queensland and being a former member of The Ten Tenors. The rich tapestry of his professional background is further adorned by the success stories of numerous former students who have blossomed into professional stage performers and successful recording artists.

At GH Singing Studio, age is no barrier to learning, and Gordon’s contagious confidence in his philosophy motivates individuals to embark on their musical journey with enthusiasm and dedication. Whether you dream of becoming a successful professional singer, honing your breathing technique, mastering the art of singing while playing an instrument, gaining confidence among friends, or even becoming a successful songwriter, GH Singing Studio is your gateway to achieving these aspirations.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality training provided by Gordon and his team of highly experienced vocal teachers. With us, you can confidently navigate auditions and unlock your full potential as a musician. Our success stems from bringing out the best in our students, nurturing their talents, and guiding them toward success.

Join GH Singing Studio and experience the transformative power of music education. Let us be the catalyst for your singing career, helping you succeed and flourish in the world of music. With GH Singing Studio, your musical dreams are within reach – start your journey to success today.