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    202 Anderson Road, Karratha, WA, 6714
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SECA Engineering Western Australia and Pilbara’s premier firm for security, electrical, communication and automation services.

SECA Engineering has been your locally-owned, operated and headquartered electrical specialists since 2017, proudly maintaining a strong safety culture, commitment to engineering excellence, with a focus on turnkey projects completed with the leading in-house equipment solutions and extensive industry experience backing every project.

SECA Engineering operates on the expertise of competent and communicative leaders, bringing together over 50 years of combined experience. They are a complete specialist, safety-focused and ISO-accredited solution servicing all of the WA, Pilbara and Karratha mining region.

Experience matters, because it is what leads to a greater outcome across all parts of a project. The risks of engaging companies who compromise on safety, equipment maintenance, strong leadership, organisational excellence or their environmental duty of care will ultimately lead to huge losses of both time, money and reputation to the client.

SECA Engineering services mining and oil & gas clients all over the great region of Western Australia, with every client remaining loyal long after their first project has been completed.

We look forward to showing you why our clients choose us, again and again.