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How to Write a Job Description

14 October, 2019 0 Comments

Creating a captivating and concise job description is vital for attracting top candidates for your job. Read on to let us help you put together a great job description to help your job stand out from the rest.

A job description tells candidates what your company is looking for and why candidates should apply for the advertised vacancy. Keeping the job description concise within 700 – 1800 words will yield more applications.

How to write a job description | ibloom

Job Title

Specific job titles: Targeted job titles with precise wording to describe the role will tell candidates exactly what role they’re applying for.

Avoid internal terms and overly abbreviating: Job titles with standard wording will be more easily searchable for candidates. 


Introduce your company and the position with a brief, compelling description, outlining what your company is about and what the position involves. 

Including job location, salary range (option to hide) will help your job be more visible in search results.

Responsibilities and Criteria

A detailed, concise list of job responsibilities will help candidates understand what tasks are to be performed and let themselves picture what the position will be like day-to-day. 

Concisely specifying the skills, experience and qualifications needed for the job will further help candidates determine if the position is the right fit. 

Why Candidates Would Want to Apply

Take this as an opportunity to showcase what your company has to offer and why they would enjoy working for you. 

Giving specific examples of features that are unique to your company will distinguish you from other employers. For example, instead of indicating that you offer flexible working arrangements, you can offer more detail by listing that you offer monthly work from home arrangements. 

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